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This Week:

  • Dean’s Excavating connected the first section of new water main to the existing water main at 11 Mile Road after successfully testing the water main between 11 Mile Road and Whirlwind Drive last week.
  • Dean’s replaced some storm sewer culverts that had to be removed for water main construction.
  • Dean’s installed water service stubs between 11 Mile Road and Whirlwind Drive.
  • Private water service contractors began submitting quotation forms for the private water service work on Summit Avenue. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Jeremy Kamp – (616) 432-6709.
  • Dean’s moved back to water main installation at Tradewind Drive today (Friday).


Next Week:

  • Dean’s will continue to install water main between Tradewind Drive and Wrens Way Court.
  • Dean’s will install water main across the unnamed stream between Tradewind Drive and Wrens Way Court and restore this area.
  • Some concrete curb and driveway work is scheduled for early next week.
  • Once the water main is installed north of Wrens Way Court Dean’s will begin pressure testing and disinfecting the next section of pipe.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.