We had a very busy and productive contractor the last 2 weeks.


In the last 2 weeks, the Contractor has been busy working on:
  • Repairs to the sanitary sewer main on Lakeview Street between Misco and Lewis
  • Grading and preparations for pavement and concrete curb and gutter on Lakeview and Lewis
  • Completion of concrete curb and gutter on Lakeview and Lewis last week
  • Completion of concrete driveway approaches
  • Grading and compaction of road gravel base material
  • Backfilling material behind the new curb and gutter
  • Adjustment of manhole covers and drainage structures
  • Placement of the base course of asphalt on Lakeview and Lewis


Currently, Lakeview Street is Closed to THRU Traffic between Misco Drive and Muskegon Avenue. Lewis Street is also closed to THRU traffic between Lakeview and Mears.  Access is being maintained for emergency purposes and for local residents and businesses.

Please use patience when traveling through this area and be kind to the construction workers who are doing their best to get this project done in a safe and timely manner.


Anticipated work over the next 2 weeks:
  • Restoration of lawn areas on Lakeview and Lewis Streets
  • Adjustment of drainage structures, manhole covers and valve boxes in the new asphalt to the final grade
  • Placement of the top course of asphalt on Lakeview and Lewis
  • Sign replacement on Lakeview and Lewis
  • Remove pavement on Wilshire Street, east of Peach
  • Remove pavement on Peach between Sophia and Slocum
  • Begin water main replacement on Wilshire and on Peach north of Sophia