Sorry, no pictures of old water main today. Although if you have driven through the site, you saw a lot of the old 24-inch cast iron water main pipe (that was most recently in service) that has been removed from the ground. The contractor worked on removing nearly all of the old water main from the ground this week as well as installing a lot of drainage structures and pipe. More decorative wall construction took place with the steel and framing for the concrete base on the south side of the road. Roadway removals on the south side streets also took place this week.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 9, 2019:

The goal is to have the remainder of the drainage structures and pipe installed
Remove more remaining walk and roadway that hasn’t been removed yet.
Preparations will be made for cutting the road for the gravel road base to be installed
The concrete base for the sign walls near Frisbee will be poured on the south side.
The contractor is working hard to get both directions of traffic open as soon as possible which is anticipated in late September. All construction is planned to be complete in November, 2019.