This Week:

  • Montgomery installed nearly all the 12-inch water main along 11 Mile.
  • Montgomery completed the 8-inch water main loop around Booth Bay.
  • Montgomery began water service installation on Offroad Drive this afternoon.
  • Montgomery plans to distribute an informational letter to the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood on Saturday explaining their anticipated construction schedule for the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Jewell Avenue and 11 Mile Road were closed to thru traffic.

 Next Week:

  • Montgomery’s first crew will finish water main installation along 11 Mile Monday morning. This crew will test the remaining 12-inch water main along Jewell and 11 Mile. Once testing is completed, this crew plans to leave the site on Wednesday.
  • Montgomery’s second crew will continue to install water services on Monday while they wait for existing utilities to be marked along the side streets in the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood.
  • Montgomery will begin water main installation on the side streets in the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood on Tuesday. The plan is to start on Sag Harbor (east side) and work counterclockwise around the neighborhood. Montgomery plans to hand out letters to each side street in advance of water main construction on the side street. If you live on the side street impacted by construction and need to get out during the day, you will need to park your car along Booth Bay Circle until the construction is complete. Construction on each side street is anticipated to take 1-2 days per street.
  • After Wednesday, Montgomery will have one crew on site. This crew will finish the water main installation in the Cottages on the Rogue Neighborhood and then continue water service installation.
  • Jewell Avenue and 11 Mile Road will be closed to thru traffic.