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Last week was another productive week and a lot will be happening over the next week.


Work Completed to This Past Week:

  • New water main was tested and no leaks were found
  • New water main was cleaned, sampled and tested and was found safe to connect to the existing water system
  • A new valve was installed at 6th & Oakwood
  • Storm drainage pipes and structures were installed in the intersection of 8th & Oakwood
  • New storm drainage pipes were installed in 8th Street from Oakwood to roughly 400 feet north towards Amsterdam


Work Anticipated Week of April 10, 2023

Monday, the new water main in 8th Street will be connected to the existing water system. This will take approximately 4-5 hours.  Affected residents have been notified.

Once this tie-in is complete at 8th & Oakwood (to the west water main), water services will begin to be replaced from the old water main to the new water main. This work will be done by a subcontractor, DHE Plumbing. Please expect them to contact all residents on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit to schedule the water service replacement all the way INTO the home. We need to get them all done in about two weeks to keep the project moving forward. Specific instructions will be provided to affected residents. See also the light blue box below for expectations before and AFTER the replacement.

Storm drainage pipes will continue to be installed in 8th Street to Rotterdam as all the water services are replaced.

Additional tie-ins may occur later in the week at 9th & Rotterdam which would affect all residents on 9th Street between Summit and Oakwood. Again, residents will be notified ahead of time.

Storm drainage structure being installed in 8th & Oakwood


Storm drainage pipes being installed in 8th Street


New valve being installed at 6th & Oakwood