This Week

This week Team Elmer’s poured the concrete abutments for the boardwalk, and Spence Brothers was then able to finish construction of the boardwalk and deck, end to end.  They are continuing to work on the railing as well, setting the posts, fencing and railing. They also have placed much of the railing posts and fence on the overlook at NMC, and started on the north over look on 16th Street.  Elmer’s also started the concrete pours for the two bridge abutments, and should be done next week.

Other Elmer’s crews worked on prepping the City Park area at 16th Street to pour the rest of the sidewalk and complete restoration here.


Next Week

Elmer’s will finish the concrete abutments for the bridges. They will also likely complete the sidewalk on 116th Street near the new stairs.  Spence Brothers plans to start setting the posts, and fence on the 16th Street overlook, the stairs and the kayak/fishing platform.