Construction is progressing as scheduled with the main line water main installation completed on D Avenue and 35th Street. The Contractor is beginning work on CD Avenue and should be done with the main line installation in three to four weeks. The first segment of watermain on D Avenue has been pressure tested and disinfected with the remaining segments of water main to follow as they are installed. After the main line is installed, the contractor will begin installing the water service lines.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill out and turn in your water service request form in the next two weeks. Without that form (and deposit check) we cannot install the water service to your home. Remember that the cost of the service and connection is free to you if done now. If you elect to do it later, it will be at your own cost. Although the water main installation is deemed and essential service so construction will continue, we cannot enter homes to make the final service connection until the stay-at-home order is lifted by the Governor. Please continue to utilize your current water source until then.

Thank you and stay safe!