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The Kinney Avenue Project has made some progress this past week!   Below is brief update on what has been done and what is planned to come the remainder of this week:

Work Completed Last Week

  • Brenner Excavating has excavated the detention basin and has established rough grades.
  • The GVSU Drive has been closed.  The pavement has been removed and Brenner is installing the new storm sewer.
  • Kent Power continues to install new 8-inch gas main under the sidewalk on the west side Kinney Avenue.
  • Consumers Energy is on site working to relocate some of their facilities.


Anticipated Work This Week

  • Continue grading the detention basin
  • Install storm sewer improvements in the GVSU private drive and then head north on Kinney (east side) later in the week
  • Mill out portions of the pavement on Kinney, Brenner intends to keep as much of the existing as possible
  • Gas main will continue to be horizontally directionally drilled on Kinney Avenue on the west side


No change in mailbox locations is expected this week.

Traffic will be impacted once Brenner reaches Kinney with the storm sewer construction operation.  The crew will be working from north to south and will be moving approximately 150 feet further north each day.  Access  will be provided to local traffic only, but you may encounter more delays.