I realize this is not our standard update date, but we had a progress meeting onsite today and I wanted to be sure you were aware of some updates this week.

The Contractor will be tying in the side street water mains this week. This work will begin tomorrow, Tuesday with tie-ins on Montana and on Worden to the north. This means that residents on Montana and on Worden will have their water service disrupted while the water mains are connected. This work is tentatively planned between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. On Wednesday, the Contractor will move west, likely tying in McDermott and Valk to the south. Thursday will continue west to Bailey, Roberts and Broadway on the west end of the project. Friday should finish the tie-ins with work at tying in the east end of the job near US-31. This work is tentative and weather related from Wednesday through Friday. Door hangers will be passed out by the City, so please look for them. We try to get the work done well within the window of time stated on the door hanger. Your individual time without water should not be more than 2-3 hours if all goes well with the connections and hopefully you are not impacted more than once. We are tying into water main pipes and valves that were built in the 1950’s so there may be some things that don’t go as planned and we unfortunately can not replace everything on every street at this time.

If all the water main work goes smoothly, some storm sewer work could happen later this week, but likely next week with this week focusing on finishing the water main in Broadway.

Please feel free to contact the people listed to the right if you have any questions.

Please see my update from last Friday about your aerators and purging the air from the water lines. Lastly, please share with neighbors and check in on those that might not get this information.