Work Completed this Past Week

  • The new water main pipe was tested and passed all the necessary tests and it can be tied into the existing water system
  • Nearly all of the curb and sidewalk repairs were completed between Benston and Gibbs
  • Storm drainage system pipe was installed between Country Club and Benston
  • Preparations made for water service replacements


Work Anticipated Week of August 28, 2023

  • Continue installing storm drainage pipe and structures from Country Club south to Sunset
  • Begin water main tie-ins to the existing system – This will involve temporary shut downs of water service for up to 4 hours for residents in these neighborhoods
  • Water services will begin to be replaced between the new water main and homes


Work Anticipated Week of September 4, 2023 (Labor Day)

  • No work on Monday, September 4, 2023
  • Water main tie ins will continue
  • Water service replacements will continue to be done between the water main and the homes
  • Storm Sewer pipe and drainage structures will likely get finished


Note about water service replacements: It is normal for the water to be cloudy or rusty immediately after replacement.  If it is cloudy, this is most likely due to air trapped in the water. Let the water set and if it clears up, it is just air and the water will clear up in a few days.  If it is rusty or discolored, run the cold water in a bath tub or other faucet that doesn’t have an aerator (screen) in the spigot. Run the water until it is clear. Remove and clean any aerators in faucet spigots.