Work Completed This Week

  • Martin J Concrete, Inc. completed the constructing the curb and gutter at the intersections on Third Street, Jefferson Street, Strong Avenue, and Sanford Street. The contractor began constructing ADA ramps, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. fine graded the aggregate base on Strong Avenue from Jefferson Street to east of Sanford Street.
  • Asphalt Paving, Inc. (API) paved the leveling course of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) on Third Street, Jefferson Street, Strong Avenue, and the Sanford Street intersection. API also paved the patches for the sewer crossings at the alleys on Fourth Street and on Mason Avenue.
  • Jackson- Merkey Contractors, Inc. continued to place, grade, and rake topsoil along the completed portions of the project.
  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. removed the pavement at the intersection of Strong Avenue and Peck Street and installed the de-watering system. The de-watering will begin Monday morning.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. will install the remaining sanitary sewer on Strong Avenue and connect to the existing system on Peck Street.
  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. will grade the existing sand sub-base for the remainder of Strong Avenue, including the Peck Street intersection. The contractor will also place and shape the aggregate base in that area.

Current Road Closures

  • Strong Avenue from Fourth Street to Sanford Street.
  • Jefferson Street from Campus Street to Monroe Avenue.
  • Third Street from Mason Avenue to Jefferson Street.
  • Peck Street from Merrill Avenue to Morrall Avenue.
The base course of asphalt has been paved on Jefferson Street.