Work completed since last update (7/15):

  • Rise well, a portion of the grit chamber, and outlet channel were formed and poured (7/19)
  • Fillets in wet well were poured (7/24)
  • Footings for east side of headworks building formed and poured (7/24 – 7/26)
  • Short support walls for the grit channel and grit dumpster rooms formed and poured (7/29)
  • Local wet well pumps and piping installed, process piping in meter chamber and valve chamber are being assembled
  • Progress on conduit near primary sludge building, and conduit inside activated sludge building


Anticipated work in August:

  • Epoxy coat wet well
  • Continue to install process piping and valves in valve and meter chambers
  • Form and pour floor and channel walls
  • Begin masonry construction for headworks building
  • Form and pour transformer pad near primary sludge building
  • Continue to run conduit in buildings and duct banks in yard