Progress Report

Private water service installation continued throughout the project area. Quotation Forms have been received for all but two houses in the project area. If you have not already contacted a prequalified general contractor to install your water service, you must do so as soon as possible to ensure that you can meet the 60-day connection requirement.

As of November 19, twenty-eight (28) houses – 39% of the project area – have connected to the municipal water system. See status map above for reference.

If you have any questions about the process for getting your water service installed into your house, please contact Jeremy Kamp (contact info on the left).

Spring of 2022:
  • CL Trucking will be back on site to complete final restoration work as necessary.
  • The pavement on the south end of Meek Drive was just patched for the winter due to time constraints this year. Michigan Paving & Materials (CL’s asphalt subcontractor) will be back to complete final paving on the south end of Meek Drive as well as make necessary repairs to the pavement on Korben Woods Court.


What to Expect

December – Spring 2022
  • Private water service installation
  • Asphalt repairs on Meek Drive and Korben Woods Court in the Spring of 2022