Work completed/in progress from the last update:

  • Lakewood closed between 152nd and 144th. Traffic detoured to James Street.
  • Lakewood closed between 144th and River. Traffic detoured to Ottawa Beach Road.
  • Lakewood closed at 144th.
  • Transmission main installation between 152nd and 144th progressed west to the HDD pit and is being prepared for acceptance testing.
  • Began transmission main construction in 144th Ave intersection.
  • OCRC began preparatory work for the road resurfacing project between Lakeshore and Division.
  • Replaced long side water services between Division and Aniline.
  • Road building behind transmission main construction between 152nd and 144th continued.


Anticipated activities for the upcoming week include:

  • Continue transmission main between 144th and River to Holland Charter Township maintenance building.
  • Continue transmission main installation from east side of 144th Ave intersection to east HDD pit.
  • Acceptance testing of transmission main from 152nd to west HDD pit.
  • Pave road between 152nd and west HDD pit.
  • Dewatering setups, lateral replacement, and water service replacement, as necessary.