This Week:

  • Montgomery completed water main installation along Jewell.
  • Montgomery installed a culvert extension at the stream crossing on Jewell to facilitate water main installation at this location.
  • The road that will be impacted by water main construction in the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood was milled on Monday.
  • Montgomery began water main installation on Booth Bay Circle on Tuesday.
  • Jewell Avenue and 11 Mile Road were closed to thru traffic.


Next Week:

  • Montgomery will begin water main installation along 11 Mile.
  • Montgomery will continue water main installation in the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood. They plan to complete the loop in Booth Bay Circle end of next week and start on the side streets after completing Booth Bay Circle. The plan is to start on Sag Harbor (east side) and work counter-clockwise around the neighborhood.
  • Dependent on a third crews’ availability, Montgomery may start water service installation at the south end of the project.
  • Jewell Avenue and 11 Mile Road will be closed to thru traffic.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.