The focus this past week was on placing driveway approaches and sidewalk, top course of asphalt for Phase I, and water main on Sanford Street for Phase II. The focus this week will continue to be on installing sidewalks and driveway approaches, restoring turf and irrigation, and continue installing water main for Phase II.


Work Completed Last Week

  • Contractor placed sidewalk and drive approaches for Phase I.
  • Contractor completed raising manhole castings and valve boxes to finish grade.
  • Contractor placed top course of asphalt pavement for Phase I.
  • Contractor continued working on turf restoration.
  • Contractor removed existing curb & gutter on Phase II.
  • Contractor removed old brick pavers on Phase II.
  • Contractor began placing watermain on Sanford St. Phase II.


Anticipated Work This Week

  • Continue placing sidewalk and drive approaches for Phase I.
  • Turf restoration and irrigation repair continues for Phase I.
  • Water main testing on Phase I.
  • Continuing placing water main for Phase II.