Here is a quick update on the progress of construction on Leahy Street between Sherman and Barney in Muskegon Heights. We are really hoping to get as many water service replacements scheduled as soon as possible. The sooner all the water services are replaced, the sooner the Contractor can remove the old water main and begin the remainder of construction, especially the rebuilding the road. Please contact SWT Excavating to schedule your water service replacement at 269.327.1908 or


Work Completed This Past Week:

  • Crews continued replacing water services from the new water main in Leahy to inside the homes and installing service stubs to vacant lots for potential development.
  • Storm drain pipes and structures were installed.
  • Grading for road on Hovey.
  • General site cleanup.


Work Anticipated Week of June 26, 2023

  • Crews hope to finish the last few water services.
  • Finish the last few storm pipes and structures.
  • Complete the final tie-in of new water main to the existing system at Barney and Leahy.
    • NOTE: This will temporarily shut down the water to customers on Barney between Sanford and Hoyt for about 6-8 hours.  This work is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 29, 2023
    • After this final tie-in, the old water main will be out of service and any remaining homes not yet connected to the new water main because they haven’t scheduled their replacement will be without water. Numerous attempts have been made and documented to each home not yet scheduled.


Work Anticipated Week of July 3, 2023

  • No work will take place July 3 or July 4, 2023 for the Independence Day holiday.
  • Crews will begin cutting the road and start hauling in and placing gravel road base.
  • Contractor will spread, shape and compact the road gravel base and prepare for concrete curb and gutter to be installed, hopefully the week of July 10 or July 17.


Please note the following when your water service is replaced: flush all the water lines in your home for several minutes – both hot and cold, and both inside and outside spigots. You may experience air in the water lines as well.  If the water is discolored, run the cold water in your bath tub until the water clears up. If the water appears cloudy, that is typically tiny air bubbles inside the water–it’s normal and will go away over time.