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Progress Report:

McCormick Sand installed water main on Ferry Street to the south, making progress to north of Ferry Street. Storm Sewer replacement and Sanitary Lateral repairs followed water main installation.

Upcoming Work:

Taylor Street will be closed to Traffic starting Monday, June 6th to accommodate water main construction. Taylor Avenue is anticipated to reopen by July 4th.

McCormick Sand will remove pavement on Ferry Street from Marion Ave to Taylor Avenue to prepare for water main installation. After pavement removals, The Contractor will continue water main installation on Ferry Street to the south side of Taylor Avenue. Storm sewer replacement and road restoration efforts will continue to follow behind the water main construction. McCormick Sand will start water main testing procedures for the water main installed from Grant Avenue to Taylor Avenue.

Extra Notes:

Residents and motorists are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site. As water main construction continues south, access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction.