Work Completed This Week

  • The lift station wet well and valve chamber have been installed and are at finished grade.
  • The first sanitary sewer manhole has been installed.
  • The 10-inch force main drilling operation is complete from Grand Street to the wet well.  Some connections still need to be completed.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • The force main connections will be made.
  • The lift station site will be brought to grade.
  • Mechanical components of the lift station will start to be installed.
  • Crowley Street surface is scheduled to be milled on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Open trench force main installation will begin on Crowley thereafter.


Design Change

Unexpected Frontier Communication utility locations have prevented the contractor from replacing the 24-inch sanitary sewer on Division Street as designed. Instead of replacing and lowering the 24-inch sewer between Grand Avenue and Washington Avenue, the force main will be extended along Division Street from Grand Avenue to north of Washington Avenue. The force main extension is scheduled to be drilled early next week.