Last Week

It was an exciting week of progress last week, as Team Elmer’s set the west 140’ long bridge over the Ottaway River (Boardman River) on Friday! This is the bridge from Medalie Park to Logan’s Landing. The lift was smooth and uneventful, but exciting nonetheless!

In addition, crews were working on pouring concrete for the boardwalk approaches and rest area nodes along the trail, as well as spreading topsoil and seed to finish restoration.


This Week

This week work will continue for concrete and restoration.

As of today, Elmer’s plans to set the second bridge over the Ottaway (Boardman) River! If all goes per plan, they will place the 90’ bridge connecting Medalie Park with the East Boardman Lake Trail sometime later this week. Work should start for building the ramps to the bridges this week as well.

Crews will also continue to work on the rest area nodes with paver blocks, and prep the site for restoration and landscaping.