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Progress Report:

K&R made progress with sanitary sewer construction to the north to Randall Street. Also, K&R started storm sewer construction and sanitary lateral connections behind sanitary sewer installation.

Upcoming Work:

K&R will complete the sanitary sewer main connection at River Street this week and will continue storm sewer installation and sanitary sewer lateral connections starting from Randall Street and working towards the south.

Extra Notes:

During sanitary sewer construction, River Street will be blocked off for through access at the location of the sanitary sewer excavation. As sewer construction continues north, the direction of access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction. Vehicles will have to access their property from either O’Malley or Randall Ave.

Driveway access to River Village and The Meadows is expected to be impacted next week. K&R has constructed a temporary gravel driveway between the parking lots of the two communities. Access to the complexes will be maintained utilizing either entrance, depending on which one is affected by sanitary sewer installation.