Work Completed This Past Week:

  • Crews have now placed over 1,000 feet of water main up to Hovey Street.
  • Crews pressure tested and disinfected the new water main from Sherman to midway between Hume and Hovey.
  • Crews will be taking samples to make sure the new water main installed is safe to connect to the existing water system.


Work Anticipated Week of May 22, 2023

  • Monday, May 22, 2023 – There will be a water main connection at Sherman and Leahy. To do this, crews will need to shut off the water in the existing water system. This will affect over 60 customers between Peck and Leahy and between Hovey and Sherman. This will be a temporary shut off. All affected customers were notified. The shut down will be about 4-6 hours and should be back on and normal by early afternoon on Monday if all goes well.

Please Note – If your water is cloudy after it is shut off , this is likely due to air in the line. Be sure to open all of your water taps to get the water out of your lines. Start with the cold water and open everything until it runs clear.

  • Water services will begin to be replaced in this section between Sherman and just north of Hovey.
  • Water main will continue to be installed between Hovey and Barney and in Hume between Leahy and Baker.


Work Anticipated Week of May 29, 2023 – Week of Memorial Day

  • No work is planned for Monday, May 29, 2023.
  • Water service lines will be replaced north of Sherman.
  • Remaining water main pipe will be installed with hydrants, valves and fittings. Additional tie-ins may be possible which may have additional temporary disruptions.