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Water Service Replacements

To connect new water main to existing water mains, temporary water shutdowns will be required. We will provide advance notice prior to shutdowns, and shutdowns will be as short as possible.

Existing water service lines (the connection to your home) within the project will be replaced. If the material of the water service has a lead gooseneck or galvanized steel, the entire water service will be replaced — from the water main in the street all the way to inside the home — at NO COST TO THE RESIDENT.

To allow this work, a permission form needs to be signed for each address getting their water service replaced.  Please see here for the form. Once completed, please email this form to or you may take a picture of the form and text it to Dan Sorek at (616) 218-2940.

We are seeking contact information for scheduling these water services in a very tight time frame. Failure to allow access inside the home to replace the water service into the home will jeopardize the ability for the City of Muskegon Heights to continue providing water service to the home or property.

Additional Information for Water Service Replacements:

From the State of Michigan: How This Construction Activity Could Affect the Quality of Your Drinking Water

After Your Water Service is Replaced: Water Service Flushing Recommendations

Customers adjacent to the construction area may have their water service interrupted temporarily while the Contractor replaces their service. The Contractor will coordinate with each customer prior to interrupting service.

What a busy week on 7th Street in Muskegon Heights!  The Contractors took advantage of the beautiful weather this week and pulled much of the project together to completion.


Work Completed this Past Week:

  • All of the concrete has been completed on sidewalks, crosswalk ramps, curb and gutter and driveway approaches
  • All of the manhole covers and valve covers were adjusted to the final level of asphalt
  • To final course of asphalt was placed yesterday – all paving is now complete
  • Topsoil has been spread and backfilled in nearly all of the areas between the sidewalk and curb and in lawn areas


Work Anticipated Week of November 20, 2023

  • Hydroseeding will be done on Monday, November 20, 2023
  • The final areas of topsoil next to the sidewalks most recently poured will be backfilled
  • Striping of Summit Avenue (weather permitting)
  • Final cleanup of the jobsite – removal of concrete chunks, stakes, flags, cones, barrels, old signs, etc
  • Removal of traffic control barricades, detour signage
  • Restoration of construction staging areas
  • Removal of equipment and excess materials
  • Remaining punchlist work
  • Removal of porta johns


Although there are barricades out there, the roads are open for traffic. Please travel safely until all equipment and materials are removed.  A large thank you to the residents and community for your patience as we made these very important improvements to the drinking water system in Muskegon Heights!  With the amount of leaves out there, there might be some areas covered that still need attention, so please be patient with us.  Let us know if there is anything we may have forgotten or need to fix.  Thank you again for your understanding this year and we look forward to next year’s construction season when improvements will continue on other streets in Muskegon Heights!