There is some work that needs to take place on Lakeshore Drive to repair some of the concrete that has failed prematurely at a few of the crosswalks. Because the failure in the concrete extends across all lanes of Lakeshore, we will unfortunately need to close the entire road and re-install the detour we had last year of Laketon Avenue to Barclay to Sherman to McCracken back to Lakeshore Drive. The difference is that we will need to close it for both directions of traffic. Local traffic will be allowed for access to businesses and homes. We recognize that this will be another inconvenience, but by closing the entire width, this will minimize the time needed to remove the bad concrete and restore it with new concrete.


Here is what to expect:

The crosswalks that require repair and closure of the road are at Moon, Addison and Laketon/Lakeshore.

Other concrete repairs will be completed at that time to a few sidewalk slabs and some curb and gutter that had been damaged since the work was completed last year.

It is important to clarify that access to businesses and homes WILL be available through the local traffic detour highlighted in gold on the provided map. Traffic not visiting homes or businesses will be asked to use the “thru traffic” detour highlighted in green on the map. By closing all lanes to complete this work, we will reduce the time that any closures or detours are necessary.



The  start date has moved from October 14, 2020 to the week of October 19, 2020. A specific start date will be forthcoming. The closure will be approximately one week. The removal and replacement should take a day or two to complete and then it will take 3-4 days for the concrete to cure properly. This work is weather dependent.