Progress Report

The base course of asphalt was placed on Biddeford Drive and Biddeford Court last week. Schippers Excavating will work this week to adjust the manhole covers in the road. Kent County Road Commission will work to finish concrete curb improvements before the final top course of asphalt is placed.

Schippers Excavating worked last week to locate and repair a leak in the new water main. This prevented the testing of the new water main from being completed last week, so water service installation was delayed to this week. Water service installation on Wallingford Drive will take place this week. The only water main work that remains to be completed is the water main tie-in at Brookgate Drive, which cannot take place until after the water service installation on Wallingford Drive is completed.


What to Expect This Week (October 19 – 24)

  • Water main testing and water service installation along Wallingford Drive.
  • Adjustment of storm and sanitary sewer manhole covers is Biddeford Drive and Biddeford Court.


Projected Timeline

  • Mid-October
    • Finish water services along Wallingford Drive and complete water main tie-in at the end of Biddeford Drive
    • Begin road reconstruction on Wallingford Drive
  • Late-October
    • Project completion


Please share this information with your neighbors who may not have email or access to the internet.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a successful project in your neighborhood!