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Work Completed this Past Week:

  • Completed water main connection at Petrie and Grand Haven Road making this water main live
  • Completed water main installation in Wilson to Grand Haven Road and began testing before connecting to the existing system
  • Began installing water service stubs to the new water main on Petrie


Work Anticipated Week of October 9, 2023

  • Water main will be connected at Wilson and Grand Haven Road on Monday, October 2, 2023.  This should not affect anyone’s water.
  • Water service stubs will continue on Petrie
  • Water service stubs will begin on Wilson
  • Site clean up on Petrie and prepare for restoration


Work Anticipated Week of October 16, 2023

  • Finish any remaining paving on Aue/Seng/Kunz
  • Complete all restoration items on Kunz/Seng/Aue
  • Continue water stub installation on Petrie and Wilson


Construction is scheduled to be completed in November 2023. Please watch for more information about connecting to the new water main for those residents connecting to the new water main.