This Week:

  • B&L Excavation completed water main installation on Freska Pines and pressure tested the pipe to confirm there are no leaks.
  • Black Gold placed the top layer of asphalt on Wateredge.
  • B&L Excavation worked on cleanup along Freska Pines.


Next Week:

  • B&L Excavation will complete disinfection testing on the Freska Pines water main and install water service stubs end of the week pending passing test results.
  • B&L Excavation will work on final lawn and driveway restoration on Wateredge.
  • B&L Excavation has a mill scheduled to mill off the asphalt on Freska Lake from the island to the south on Friday (9/15).
  • B&L Excavation may start water main construction on Freska Lake end of next week. If not next week, water main construction will start the week of September 18.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.