This Week:

  • Montgomery Excavating worked on water service installation on Rogue Lane and ran into some difficulty missiling the services under the road because of the rocky soils. They will try again next week with a horizontal directional drill.
  • Montgomery Excavating worked on final restoration along Laurentian and Childsdale.


Next Week:

  • Montgomery will complete the water main tie-ins to the existing water main on Rogue River Road (Pvt.) and at Coventry Woods on Monday pending passing test results today.
  • Montgomery will complete water service stubs installations along Rogue Lane and Rogue River Road (Pvt.).
  • Montgomery will complete final restoration along Rogue Ridge, Laurentian, and Childsdale.
  • Montgomery will begin to rebuild the portions of private road that were impacted on Rogue River (Pvt.) and Rogue Lane. A paving date has not been set yet.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.