Work Completed This Week

  • The sanitary manhole was installed within the southbound lanes of Henry Street.
  • Aggregate base was has been installed on Pulaski from Kinsey Street to Henry Street.  An aggregate roadway was also constructed on Pulaski Avenue from Kinsey Street to the west to the alley between Dowd Street and Hudson Street.
  • The concrete curb and gutter, driveways, and sidewalk have been completed on Beidler Street and Pulaski Avenue (east of Henry).  The leveling course of asphalt was paved on these roadways on Friday, September 18 by Asphalt Paving, Inc.
  • 1,500 feet of the old Beidler Sanitary Sewer was abandoned this week including the sanitary sewer located underneath the Betten Baker car dealership.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Kamminga & Roodvoets is planning to finish replacing all of the concrete which was removed at the Betten Baker car dealership and begin grading the aggregate base on the property.  The leveling course of asphalt pavement is scheduled to be installed before the end of the week.
  • RC Directional Boring is beginning today (Monday) to drill across Henry Street to the east. They hope to pull back the new 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe on Tuesday.
  • Kamminga & Roodvoets is planning to install the new grinder station and force main at the West Village Plaza.
  • Once the drill is completed, barring any setbacks, the concrete roadway on Henry Street will be restored so that Henry Street will opened back up to traffic by early next week.
  • Concrete curb and gutter installation may begin on Pulaski Avenue west of Henry Street.


Current Road Closures

  • Beidler Street is closed from Alberta Avenue to Pulaski Avenue.
  • Pulaski Avenue is closed from Henry Street to Beidler Street and from Kinsey Street to Henry Street.
  • The northbound lanes of Henry Street are closed to traffic north of Sherman Boulevard to allow for the contractor to install a sanitary manhole and directionally drill under the southbound lanes.  A traffic shift is implemented which maintains two-way traffic within the southbound lanes.