This Week:

  • B&L Excavation completed the water main tie-in at 10 Mile Road on Monday.
  • B&L Excavation completed water service stub installation on Freska Pines. Residents who will be serviced off the water main in Freska Pines may contact their private water service contractor and schedule the installation of the water service into their house.
  • B&L Excavation worked on replacing the road with crushed asphalt on Freska Pines and final cleanup end of this week.
  • B&L Excavation moved equipment down to Freska Lake in preparation for water main construction to begin next week.
  • Black Gold removed the asphalt roadway on Freska Lake.


Next Week:

  • B&L Excavation will construct water main on Freska Lake. Water main construction is anticipated to last about 1.5 weeks.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.