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Construction Updates

Important Information

Progress Report: This week, Al’s Excavating finished up all paving operations for the project and started the final restoration.

Upcoming Work: Next week crews will work on topsoil and seeding and replacing driveways on the north side of the Rogue River. They hope to be completely done within the next couple of weeks.

Progress Report: McCormick Sand completed water main installation on Ferry Street south of the Taylor Avenue intersection. McCormick also completed storm sewer restoration on Ferry Steet between Taylor Avenue and Marion Avenue. Road grading has been started on Ferry Street on the north limit of the project between Grant Avenue and Colfax Avenue.

Upcoming Work: McCormick Sand will perform testing and disinfecting procedures on the newly installed water main on Ferry Street between Grant Avenue and Taylor Avenue. After the water main has been tested and disinfected, McCormick will direct efforts to road restoration including concrete curb and approach restoration on the west side of Ferry Street. Road removal activity is anticipated to occur on the west lane of Ferry Street between Taylor Avenue and Robbins Road. Crushed asphalt material will remain in place at driveways to allow traffic on Ferry Street south of Taylor Avenue.


Road Grading Ferry Street

Concrete improvements along the south end of Kinney Avenue have been rescheduled to begin on Friday, June 7.

Anticipated Work This Week

  • Storm sewer mainline from STA 40+50 to the north.  Brenner may drop back to cross the 30-inch water main near #832 Kinney.
  • Castings will be raised up to final grade on the GVSU Private Drive.
  • Continue building road up to gravel within the southbound lane of Kinney Ave. to Edinboro.
  • Kent Power will continue installing east side gas services from Edinboro to the north (approximately 12 remaining).  Kent Power anticipates to be completed with all gas main improvements within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Concrete curb/driveway/sidewalk improvements are scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 6 between the GVSU Private Drive and Edinboro St.

Martin J. Concrete is scheduled to begin installing concrete improvements on Thursday, June 6 and continue into early next week (weather dependent).  After the concrete curb and gutter is poured, driveways and sidewalk through the drive approaches will be installed shortly thereafter.  For all affected residents on within this area, please refrain from driving over the new concrete curb and approaches for 7 days to allow for proper curing.  During this time, you will need to park on the gravel surface of the new road or a nearby side street.  We appreciate your patience during this time while access is temporarily restricted.  Please call Phil Kamp at 616-522-5900 if you have any questions.

This week’s storm sewer installation operation will be concentrated between #860 and #910 Kinney in the northbound lane. Local traffic seeking to travel through this area should expect delays or seek an alternate route.

The base course of asphalt was paved last week at the GVSU Private Drive.

Plainfield Charter Township has awarded the construction contract to Dean’s Excavating of Sand Lake. Dean’s will be working with subcontractors to complete the force main installation and construct the new lift station. De Witt Trenching Contractors of Hudsonville will install most of the new force main pipe by horizontal directional drill (HDD), or a trenchless construction technique, for Dean’s. Where HDD installation is not feasible, Dean’s will install the force main by “open trench” construction and restore the area that was dug up. The force main will generally be constructed from the south to north. The lift station construction will take place in segments as equipment becomes available.

Below is a general schedule of construction. Please note that this schedule is subject to change based on weather and other factors that may impact construction.

Force Main Construction:

  • Wolven Avenue – 7/8 to 8/16
  • Elstner Avenue – 8/1 to 8/7
  • Edgerton Avenue & US-131 Crossing – 8/8 to 8/16
  • 11 Mile Road – 8/19 to 9/9
  • Saddle Ridge (Edgerton to Lift Station) – 9/10 to 10/4

Lift Station Construction:

  • Set Wet Well & Install Gravity Sewer – 8/19 to 9/4
  • Install Pumps and Electrical Work – 9/30 to 11/1
  • Lift Station Start Up – 11/2 to 11/11
  • Lift Station Restoration & Generator Installation – May & June 2025

The above roads will be “Closed to Thru Traffic” during active force main construction and will remain open to local traffic.

The entrance to Premier Park and the Meijer Sports Complex will be open throughout force main construction. There will be a time when the driveway to the West Michigan Archery Center must be closed to install the force main through it. However, this work will be completed on a day the Archery Center is closed.

Upcoming Work: Next week Monday June 3rd they anticipate they will pave the final course of asphalt on the path north of the Rogue River and continue with restoration. They hope to be complete with the entire project within a couple weeks.

Progress Report: Montgomery Excavating completed water main installation on Venna Place and connected water services to the newly installed water main to all properties on Vida Circle. Montgomery Excavating also installed storm sewer on Vida Circle from the cul de sac to the north approximately 120 feet.

Upcoming Work: Montgomery Excavating will complete the Venna Place water main connection at the Ann Street intersection on Monday, June 3rd. There will be a water main shut down to accommodate this connection. Affected residents who will temporality loose water supply for this connection have been notified. Montgomery Excavating will continue storm sewer installation on Vida Circle, and connect water services to the newly installed water main on Venna Place.

Progress Report: K&R completed sanitary sewer main line construction on River Street. Also, a hydrant replacement was completed at the intersection of River Street and Skeels Street. Most storm sewer installation was completed on River Street between Skeels Street and Court Street. Progress continued on Storm Sewer and Sanitary Lateral connections on River Street between Randall Avenue and Court Street.

Upcoming Work: K&R will continue storm sewer construction and sanitary connections on River Street. Progress will continue to the south. Crews will begin preparing the construction site for road restoration after all pipe installation is completed.

Spring Street Parking Lot:

  • New light pole bases were installed
  • Grading was done for the grave base below the expected asphalt

Shared Parking Lot east of Mears:

  • Grading was done for the grave base below the expected asphalt

 Pocket Park:

  • Sand graded for expected concrete work

Work expected the week of June 3, 2024:

  • Pouring non-decorative concrete in the Pocket Park
  • Pour Concrete Ramps in the Shared Use Parking Lot East of Mears
  • Hoping to see old lights removed by Consumers from Goodrich Park and Spring Street Parking Lots
  • If old lights are removed, final grading can be completed and if early enough in the week, we could potentially see asphalt paving next week!
  • Metal railings at the concrete stairs near Fishing Deck
  • Restriping of handicapped parking near Fishing Deck

Work expected the week of June 10, 2024:

  • Paving in the parking lots if not done
  • Preparation for more decorative concrete work in the Pocket Park

Progress Report:

McCormick Sand installed water main on Ferry Street to the south, making progress to north of Ferry Street. Storm Sewer replacement and Sanitary Lateral repairs followed water main installation.

Upcoming Work:

Taylor Street will be closed to Traffic starting Monday, June 6th to accommodate water main construction. Taylor Avenue is anticipated to reopen by July 4th.

McCormick Sand will remove pavement on Ferry Street from Marion Ave to Taylor Avenue to prepare for water main installation. After pavement removals, The Contractor will continue water main installation on Ferry Street to the south side of Taylor Avenue. Storm sewer replacement and road restoration efforts will continue to follow behind the water main construction. McCormick Sand will start water main testing procedures for the water main installed from Grant Avenue to Taylor Avenue.

Extra Notes:

Residents and motorists are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site. As water main construction continues south, access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction.