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Construction Updates

Important Information

Progress Report:

Miller Bridge has been driving the H-Piles for deck expansion of Green St. bridge over Stearns Bayou working from west side to east side. Four piles have been driven to bearing capacity.

In addition, they have continued work on pathway grading, working east towards the bridge. Driveways are being removed and replaced with gravel as they get to them.

Upcoming Work:

Next week crews will continue to drive H-Piles into Stearns Bayou for bridge deck expansion.

Miller Bridge anticipates that they will complete pathway grading between 144th Avenue and the bridge. At that point they plan to begin work on pathway grading on east side of bridge

Progress Report: This week Al’s Excavating has been working on restoration.

Upcoming Work: Next week they anticipate they will pave the final course of asphalt on the path north of the Rogue River and continue with restoration. They hope to be complete with the entire project within a couple weeks.

Road rebuilding  and restoration continued on Jefferson and Dryden this week. Additionally, water main installation has begun moving south on Dryden.  The focus next week will continue to be on water main installation on Dryden, as well as, installing the first layer of asphalt on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.


Work Completed This Week

  • Installation of water main on Dryden street, at the Jefferson Street intersection.
  • Installation of sidewalk ramps on Jefferson and Dryden.
  • Preparations for the first layer of asphalt on Jefferson or Dryden.
  • Yard restoration has begun on Hart, Jefferson and Dryden.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Water main installation on Dryden south of Jefferson.
  • Base layer of asphalt installation on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson, is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th.
  • Sidewalk removal will begin on Dryden south of Jefferson.

This week started out slow with preparation work but picked up speed as the week progressed with continued work on sanitary sewer.

Work Completed This Week

  • Water service replacement continued on Thompson and Walnut.
  • Concrete removals were started on Wilcox.
  • Sanitary sewer on Wilcox was started at Edgewater working west.
  • Thompson sanitary sewer was abandoned.
  • Connection to the water main on Plum Street at Thompson will be completed this Saturday.

Anticipated Work

  • Water service replacement will continue on Thompson.
  • Sanitary sewer installation will continue on Wilcox working west from Edgewater.
  • Grading of the sand for placement of gravel on Thompson and Walnut will begin.

Paving was delayed this week but significant progress still was made on the east half of the project with preparation for curb and gutter.

Work Completed This Week

  • Sand grade was established from Gaylord to Williams.
  • Aggregate was placed from Gaylord to approximately St. Paul.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Paving of the first course of asphalt west of Gaylord is scheduled for June 4.
  • Preparation for curb will continue with placement of gravel east of Gaylord.
  • Curb and gutter is tentatively scheduled to begin near the end of the week east of Gaylord.

Installation of sanitary sewer was primary focus this week with mainline sewer between LeBoeuf to Leon.


Work Completed This Week

  • Approximately 180 ft of sanitary sewer was installed heading east from LeBoeuf.
  • Water services between LeBoeuf to Leon were completed on the north side of the road.

Anticipated Work

  • Installation of sanitary sewer will continue heading east from LeBoeuf.

This week road rebuilding continued on Center Street and water service replacements started again on West.


Work Completed This Week on West

  • Water service replacement started up again.

Work Completed This Week on Center

  • Aggregate placement was completed.
  • The first course of asphalt was placed on the east side of the road.

Anticipated Work on Center

  • Preparation for top course will continue with site clean-up, concrete drive preparation, and placement of topsoil.
  • Paving of the final course of asphalt possibly near the end of the week.
  • Concrete drive installation is scheduled for mid week.

Anticipated Work on West

  • Water service replacements will continue until mid week.
  • Final connection of the water main at Southland.

Trees were marked for removal with a pink “X” yesterday. Chop, Milbocker’s tree clearing subcontractor, is scheduled to begin removing trees on Monday, June 10. There is a possibility Chop will be on site to begin tree removal the week of June 3 if their schedule allows. Milbocker’s crew will be on site June 10 and begin water main construction along Eldon at Hunsberger. Milbocker plans to build the water main along Eldon this first week and then close Hunsberger on June 17 to install water main across the road and connect to the existing water main in Hunsberger.

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) will also have a project start on June 17 to repave Hunsberger from Plainfield to Coit. This project is separate from the water main work, but Plainfield Township and KCRC have been coordinating to limit impacts to residents.

Work Completed Last Week
  • 30-inch mainline storm sewer from Edinboro Street north to the 30-inch water main crossing near #840 Kinney. Catch basin leads were installed in the southbound lane between Hampton Lane and Marlboro Street.
  • Concrete improvements were installed including the GVSU Private Drive approach, curb repairs within the driveway, and the emergency spillway at the detention basin.
  • Road was built up to aggregate base in the southbound side of Kinney Avenue from the GVSU Private Drive north approximately 300 feet and the northbound side up to the mainline pipe crew near #840 Kinney.
  • The detention basin was restored with topsoil, seed, fertilizer, and mulch blanket after the riprap was installed.
Anticipated Work This Week
  • The 30-inch mainline storm sewer will continue north of the 30-inch water main crossing near #840 Kinney to Imperial Avenue.  The 30-inch water main crossing was skipped for now and the crossing will be completed at a later date (possibly next week).
  • Roadway will continue to be reconstructed back to aggregate base on the southbound lane from approximately 300 feet north of the GVSU Private Drive toward Edinboro Street.
  • Kent Power will continue installing gas services on the east side of Kinney Avenue using the horizontal directional drill installation method.
  • The GVSU Private Drive is scheduled to be paved (base course) on Thursday, May 30.
This week’s construction activities will be concentrated between #790 and #860 Kinney. Local traffic seeking to travel through this area should expect delays or seek an alternate route.
Goodrich Park Parking Lot:
  • Additional electrical work for new lighting
Spring Street Parking Lot:
  • Asphalt pavement was removed and is getting prepared for new pavement
  • Additional electrical work for new lighting
Shared Parking Lot east of Mears:
  • Additional electrical work for new lighting
  • Asphalt pavement was removed and is getting prepared for new pavement
 Goodrich Park Fishing Pier:
  • Deck and railings finished on the deck
  • Concrete work is finished
  • Lawn area was topsoiled and hydroseeded
Work expected the week of May 27, 2024:
  • No work to be done on Monday, May 27, 2024
  • Waiting for old lights to be removed from Goodrich Park and Spring Street Parking Lots
  • Railings at new concrete stairs near Fishing Deck
  • Restriping of handicapped parking near Fishing Deck
  • Additional grading for new pavement in parking lots
Work expected the week of June 3, 2024:
  • If lighting work is completed in the parking lots, the paving can be completed

Photos of the new fishing deck at Goodrich Park: