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Construction Updates

Important Information

Road rebuilding continued on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson last week with the installation of curb and sidewalk . Additionally, water main was installed in State street to tie into the existing system.  The focus this week will be on water main installation on Dryden, south of Jefferson, as well as, preparations for asphalt installation next week on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.

Work Completed Last Week

  • Installation of water main at State Street.
  • Installation of concrete curb on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.
  • Installation of sidewalk and driveways on Hart, Jefferson, and Dryden, north of Jefferson.

Anticipated Work This Week

  • Installation of sidewalk ramps on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.
  • Water main installation will begin on Dryden, south of Jefferson.
  • Preparations for asphalt on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.  Asphalt installation is currently scheduled for June 5th.

Road rebuilding on Jefferson Street

Work completed recently:
  • Water main installation continues south of Lewis Street
  • Grading and preparation of sidewalk concrete between Slocum and Sophia
What to expect week of May 27, 2024:
  • No work on Monday, May 27, 2024 due to Memorial Day Holiday
  • Pour concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk between Slocum and Alice – Please allow a minimum of 3 days for the concrete to cure before driving on it
  • Continue water main installation from south of Lewis to Benston
What to expect week of June 3, 2024:
  • Continue water main installation on the east side of Warner Street south of Lewis Street to Benston Street
  • Restoration of areas between Slocum and Sophia
Crews installing water main pipe in the trench.

Progress Report: This week the base layer of asphalt was completed to connect the last stretch of the Jericho Trail to the White Pine Trail. There is still one more course of asphalt that will be paved soon.

Upcoming Work: The remaining work and final steps of the trail construction are on track to be completed by the first week of June.

We appreciate your patience and continued attention to the safety of our crews and equipment as we work to complete this project.

Road rebuilding was the primary focus this week now that all underground work is complete. Tinkham is starting to look like a road again!

Work Completed This Week

  • Sidewalk ramps and all remaining concrete from Lakeshore to Gaylord were completed.
  • Final gravel was placed and graded from Lakeshore to Gaylord.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • The first course of asphalt west of Gaylord is scheduled to be placed on Wednesday, May 29.
  • Grading the sand for placement of gravel east of Gaylord will start and gravel placement may begin near the end of the week.

Water service replacement and sanitary sewer work was the focus this week. This focus will continue into next week.

Work Completed This Week

  • Sanitary sewer was replaced in the Leboeuf intersection.
  • Water services were replaced on the north side of the road from Leboeuf to Denmark. All but 1 were completed.

Anticipated Work

  • The remaining water service will be replaced on the north side of Morton between Leboeuf and Denmark. Replacements for the south side of Morton will follow completion of the sanitary sewer a couple of weeks from now.
  • Sanitary sewer will be replaced in Morton from Leboeuf to Leon.

This week the focus was on road rebuilding on Center Street.

Work Completed This Week on West

  • The new water main was connected at Vine Street.

Work Completed This Week on Center

  • Road rebuilding continued with aggregate placement over the entire length.
  • Curb and gutter was installed at the intersections.
  • Milling of the south bound lane was completed.

Anticipated Work on Center

  • Final grading will be completed on Tuesday.
  • Paving of the first course of asphalt is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29.
  • Preparation for drives, spreading topsoil and structure adjustments will follow paving.

Anticipated Work on West

  • Water service replacements will start up again on Thursday.

This week the water service crews were back onsite, more sewer connections were completed and Wilcox roadway was crushed. Focus is starting to turn to rebuilding Thompson and starting utilities on Wilcox.

Work Completed This Week

  • Water services were replaced on Thompson and Walnut.
  • Sanitary sewer services were completed on Walnut and Thompson, all sewer work is now complete in this phase.
  • Restoration was started on Edgewater however this is only temporary and will be readdressed later.

Anticipated Work

  • Water service replacement will continue on Thompson and Walnut.
  • Sanitary sewer replacement in the Walnut and Wilcox intersection will begin, this intersection has a lot of utilities criss-crossing each other that needs to be untangled.
  • Dewatering systems will be installed on Wilcox in preparation for utility installation.

Please note, topsoil and seed was spread on Edgewater this week. Repairs to irrigation will be coming later and the topsoil will be re-raked and seeded at that time.

Today’s construction activities will be concentrated between #790 and #832 Kinney. Local traffic seeking to travel through this area should expect delays or seek an alternate route. Over Memorial Day weekend, a lane will be open.

Progress Report: This week Miller Bridge started to set the “H” piles in the Bayou for the bridge expansion. These will support the bike lane and observation bumpouts. In addition, they continue to work on the pathway, digging topsoil, grading and placing gravel.

Upcoming Work: Next week work will continue on the “H” piles and continuing to grade out the path between 144th Avenue and the Green Street Bridge.

Progress Report: Water main work and paving was completed last week. As weather permits, Dykema has been working on lawn restoration and project clean up along Kuttshill this week. Restoration work should wrap up early next week.

Upcoming Work: Dykema will remove the remaining equipment from site and complete final project clean up activities. In the coming weeks, Dykema will be back on site periodically to complete final punch list items.

The Kent County Road Commission will complete a chip seal of Kuttshill Drive, from Rogue River Road to Northland Drive, later this summer.