Work Completed this Past Week:

  • The final storm sewer connection ran into a snag when it was discovered that the water main was relocated in 2006 without any records right in our way. Therefore this was cut out and relocated so the storm sewer could be connected.
  • Excess material cut from the road for the new road gravel base material was spread out on property east of the roadway
  • Future path on the east side of Glenside was graded for gravel to be placed


Work Anticipated Week of August 21, 2023

  • Completion of the storm drainage pipe and structures and connection to the existing system south of the railroad
  • Completion of the new rail crossing
  • Preparations for new road base gravel material to be installed


Work Anticipated Week of August 21, 2023

  • Grading of the roadway base gravel material
  • Preparation for new concrete curb and gutter


Construction will still remain on schedule for being completed in September 2023.