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Water service work, road rebuilding and site cleanup was the focus this week on East Street. Densmore work consisted on testing and disinfection.


Work Completed This Week

  • Densmore water main was tested and cleaned. This main is now awaiting connection to the system.
  • Water service installation on East Street was completed.
  • Cutting of roadway and gravel installation was started on East Street.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Final connections of East Street are scheduled for Monday morning, this will connect the new main at Vine. This is the last step for installation of the water main on East Street.
  • Removal of the remaining East Street roadway surface will occur on Tuesday. Final grading will be ongoing with a target to pave the road near the end of next week weather dependant.
  • Connection of the Densmore main to the existing system may occur later in the week.