Well if the current COVID–19 pandemic and the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order can’t delay the project, we can still count on good ole mother nature to do it! As you can see, the asphalt was not laid yesterday and today because of rain, and it won’t be able to be completed until Monday now because of excessively wet raw materials.  Therefore, paving is now scheduled for Monday morning for North Shore while driveways and Piney Point will occur on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The following construction schedule is again, all weather dependent.


Project Schedule


Driveway Access after Concrete or Asphalt Installation

Asphalt driveways will not be accessible during the installation of the driveways and for a short period of time after to allow it to harden during cooling.  During this time, you will need to park along the roadside and walk to your home.  This window of time should be less than a few hours.  A person on site (either the contractor or engineering inspector) will be giving those instructions to each homeowner or you may see some caution tape along the front of the driveway to indicate it is not ready for vehicular traffic.  If you don’t see either of those, the driveway is accessible.

Concrete driveways will not be accessible after the installation of the concrete for up to seven (7) days for the concrete to cure.  The contractor or the engineering inspector will personally contact each home when they are preparing to pour the driveway.  Please don’t worry, you will be able to get any vehicles out of your garages or driveways prior to concrete installation.  Typically the concrete we specify will harden in three (3) to four (4) days so we hope the weather conditions help those shorter time periods happen. You will see caution tape across the front of the driveways during the curing time.  Once the concrete has cured enough you will see the caution tape removed and you are free to drive on it.  Please refrain from driving on the driveway with any heavy or large equipment for the first 30 days.  Concrete is fully cured after 30 days, so please be cautious in driving on it during that time.

** Milbocker has stated that some driveways are wide enough to pour in half widths so they will be able to allow those properties to continue using the opposite side driveway.  This is great customer service work on their end!  Additionally, they have stated that they will pour those that have circle driveways one at a time so residents will be able to continue to access their homes easier.   Unfortunately, those that they can’t do in half widths will still need to park along the road until the concrete cures.**


Site Safety

The construction site is going to get busy again.  Please use caution as you travel the roadway.  When the paving occurs, please use extreme caution and be patient as the crews lay and roll the asphalt.