Work Completed This Week:

Gabe’s Construction completed the second pilot hole on Sunday at the revised profile and alignment. The pilot hole went well and moved freely upon exiting.
Gabe’s Construction continued to fuse the Fusible PVC Force Main pipe. All of the fusing is complete, except for the final fusing during pull back operations.
Reaming of the hole has begun. This is a slow process due to the soils but is progressing forward. Based on current progress completion of reaming is expected early next week.
West Michigan Dirtworks crew was not on site this week.
Anticipated Work Next Week:

Gabe’s Construction anticipates:
finishing the reaming pass early in the week.
starting and completing the swab pass immediately after the ream pass is completed.
setting up for pipe pull back with possible completion of the pull back by the end of next week.
West Michigan Dirtworks: Materials will be delivered in mid-April, but actual work on Exchange Street and closure of Exchange Street will not occur until May 13th.

Gabe’s Construction is working 24 hours and weekends to keep the project on schedule.