Peck Street is Open!

As of Wednesday, August 18, Peck Street is open to traffic! This week all of the prepared topsoil was hydroseeded, the pavement markings were installed, and the detour signage is in the process of being removed.


What Was Accomplished

Prior to this summer, the vast majority of the underground utilities on Peck Street were approaching 100 years of age. The old clay sanitary sewer was replaced with PVC at a steeper slope to eliminate a persistent maintenance problem for the City of Muskegon. Two cast iron water mains were upgraded to a single ductile iron water main and over 80 lead/galvanized water services were fully replaced with copper piping. The old clay storm sewers were replaced with concrete sewers throughout the project area in addition to rerouting the 36-inch storm sewer out of the Muskegon Public School Parking Lot. Finally, the 26-year old asphalt roadway was completely reconstructed with 6 inches of new asphalt.

Special thanks to the City of Muskegon and the following contactors who made the Peck Street Reconstruction Project possible:

  • Kamminga & Roodvoets (General Contractor)
  • Asphalt Paving, Inc. (Paving)
  • CHOP (Tree Removal)
  • DeWitt Trenching Contractors Inc. (Water Service Directional Drilling)
  • K&H Concrete Cutting (Saw Cutting)
  • Macatawa Plumbing Inc. (Internal Plumbing)
  • Midwest Trenchless Services (Pipe Bursting)
  • Natural Environmental Reclamation Concepts, Inc. (Hydroseeding)
  • PK Contracting (Pavement Marking)
  • Plummer’s Environmental Services (Sewer Cleaning and Televising)


The tentative schedule to begin work on Southern Avenue, between Jefferson Street and Peck Street, is in the third week of September. The exact start date for the extra work on Southern Avenue will be confirmed next month.