Progress Report

The project started a week ago with setting piles at Logan’s Landing to start the process of constructing the boardwalk over the cove area. The contractor successfully placed several dozen piles, and they are now waiting on additional piles from the supplier to continue this work.

This week crews started grading the trail into the hill, south of NMC to the north end of the cove.


Next Steps

Team Elmer’s intends to continue grading the trail by NMC, placing the gravel base, and spreading topsoil and seed to protect the slopes over the next week. In addition,  they plan to begin working on the new sidewalk near 16th Street and Lake Ridge Drive. In the next few weeks, work will resume setting piles for the boardwalk, and construction of the retaining walls where the trail goes around NMC will begin.

Check back for updates on progress as it occurs!