Last Two Weeks:

  • B&L Excavation completed the restoration work on Squirewood Drive and Court. This included replacement of concrete sidewalk and one concrete driveway, replacement of asphalt driveways and road patches, repair of damaged irrigation systems, and lawn restoration.
  • B&L Excavation began water main construction on Freska Pines.
  • Some private water service connections in the Squirewood neighborhood have been completed.


Next Week:

  • B&L Excavation will continue water main construction on Freska Pines.
  • B&L Excavation is on track to complete the water main construction on Freska Pine by the end of next week. As construction progresses north the existing soils become poor, and the groundwater table is elevated. It is anticipated that this will slow down water main construction and may delay the completion of the pipe work next week.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.