Current Status/Progress Report

Earlier this week the project was hydroseeded and mulched. The seed and fertilizer that were applied will sit dormant all winter long and will germinate next spring once the temperature warms up. The straw mulch was applied for three reasons: 1) it will help prevent the topsoil from eroding away over the winter, 2) it will help protect the grass seed until it has a chance to germinate in the spring, 3) and it will help to keep the topsoil moist next spring which is critical for seed germination. It is critical for these reasons that the straw mulch stay in place – do not remove it. K&R will be back next spring to clean up any areas that they could not get to this year.

Silt sacks in catch basins will be removed as requested by the Kent County Road Commission. K&R has been instructed to leave some of the silt sacks in select catch basins and will maintain them throughout the winter.

When parking along side the road, please try to keep all four tires on the asphalt and avoid from parking in the lawn areas. This will help to ensure that the new grass comes in next spring.

This week Plummers Environmental has been televising sanitary sewer laterals for K&R and should be wrapping this work up later this week.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.