Tree removals and trimming have been completed and the contractor will start stump removals next week. As is always the case when a new project starts, we have had a few hiccups with traffic coordination, but we will continue to improve that process with resident and school traffic. We appreciate the communication and comments received as we work to minimize the impacts to everyone’s travel while maintaining safety for the work crews.

Letters have gone out to start the paperwork for setting up water system accounts with the City of Kalamazoo. As a reminder, the $100 deposit noted in the paperwork is for account establishment only and is a one-time charge to you. Please submit that with your service application. The new water service line, meter installation, and connection to your home plumbing are all part of the project and will not be charged to you. Please get those forms back to us as soon as possible so we can get the accounts set up and ready for activation.

We are still on schedule to begin actual water main installation around March 16. As you may have seen, the contractor has already delivered some equipment in anticipation of the frost laws being implemented. The frost laws establish load limits on the roadways during the spring thawing period when the road beds are less stable.