Work Completed This Week

  • 8-inch sanitary sewer installation on Beidler Street south of Hackley Avenue was completed this week.
  • The new 6-inch water main has been tied into the water system in both locations at Hackley Avenue.  All water services on Beidler Street and Poliski Street, south of Hackley Avenue, have been replaced and the old water main has been abandoned.
  • The deep sanitary sewer has been installed to approximately 100 feet south of Hackley Avenue on Poliski Drive.
  • Aggregate base (gravel) has been installed on Beidler Street, Young Avenue, and Hackley Avenue.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Sanitary laterals will be drilled into the sideyards and backyards of homes on Beidler Street, south of Hackley Avenue.
  • Concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks, and driveways will begin to be installed on Young Avenue and Beidler Street between Hackly Avenue and Young Avenue.  There will be several days at this time where some residents will not have access to their driveways while the concrete is curing.
  • The first course of asphalt pavement on Hackley Avenue is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.
  • Installation of the deep sanitary sewer on Poliski Drive will continue south toward the dead end.


Current Road Closures

  • Beidler Street is closed from Hackley Avenue to Young Avenue.
  • Young Avenue is closed near Beidler Street.
  • Hackley Avenue is closed between Beidler Street and Poliski Drive.  Access to Chalet Floral & Events will be maintained off Beidler Street (accessible from Hancock Avenue) and from Hackley Avenue over the weekend.
  • Poliski Drive will be inaccessible from Hackley Avenue over the holiday weekend.  An access road will be maintained from the south end of Poliski Drive.