Work that took place this past week:

  • East and West Collier, Country Club and Carleton Streets were graded with new road base gravel.
  • East and West Collier, Country Club and Carleton Streets were paved with a base course of asphalt.
  • Repairs were made to a catch basin on the south side of Benston near Division.
  • Preparation of driveway approach replacements occurred.


Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 6:

  • No work will take place tomorrow Friday, July 3.
  • Beginning of restoration work along the yards and edges of the road with gravel shoulders
  • Raising manhole castings to the new asphalt surface level
  • Preparation and pouring of driveway approaches
  • If all goes well, the top layer of asphalt will be installed on East & West Collier, Country Club and Carleton, but probably the week of July 13
  • Milling of the other streets to be resurfaced will be scheduled soon and we will let you know
    • Mohawk
    • Baldwin between Elliott and Alice
    • Baldwin between Colby and Spring
    • Alice between Mears and Division
    • Benston between Mears and Division


We are still on schedule to have all construction complete by September 1, 2020, but please remember that all of the work is weather dependent.

The contractor will work with the US Post Office and local garbage haulers to ensure that mail gets delivered and refuse is picked up on the scheduled day.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any issues with either.