Progress Report:

  • Maple St. Water Main: The water main tie in at the South side of the intersection of Maple Street and Monroe Street was completed Wednesday, June 14.
  • Courtland Street: Sidewalk installation along the south side of Courtland Street has been completed. Unfortunately, a portion of the newly constructed retaining wall on the South side of Courtland Street was installed at an incorrect depth. This will have to be corrected before the remaining sidewalk can be completed. Fortunately, the issue was discovered in a timely manner and the rework will not be at the City’s expense.
  • Lincoln St. Water Main: Water main installation between Courtland and Bridge Streets has been completed and has passed pressure testing. The water main has yet to be disinfected before connecting area residents to the new main.
  • Lincoln St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer installation between Courtland and Bridge Streets has begun.


Up Next:

  • Maple Street: Storm sewer installation on Maple Street between Monroe and Fremont will begin next week.
  • Lincoln Street: The sanitary sewer manhole in the middle of 10 Mile Road will be replaced this Saturday. Sanitary sewer and water main installation will begin on the South end of Lincoln St. at the 10 Mile intersection following the manhole replacement.


Traffic Changes:

  • 10 Mile Road: 10 Mile Road will be closed on Saturday June 17 to complete the sanitary sewer manhole replacement and reopened before the end of the week