Progress Report:

  • Maple St. Storm Sewer: Storm sewer installation on Maple Street between Monroe and Fremont Street began on Monday and is anticipated to be completed by the end of the week.
  • Lincoln St. Water Main: The new water main recently installed between Courtland and Bridge Streets has been successfully disinfected as verified through required bacteriological testing. This water main is now ready for service connections.
  • 10 Mile Road Manhole Replacement: The sanitary sewer manhole in 10 Mile Road was replaced over the weekend and has since been paved and reopened to traffic.
  • Lincoln St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer installation between Bridge Street and Maple Street has begun.


Up Next:

  • Maple Street: Storm sewer lateral installation on Maple Street between Monroe and Fremont will begin next week after the mainline installation has been completed.
  • Lincoln Street: Sanitary sewer installation along Lincoln will continue next week.