Progress Report:

  • Maple St. Water Services: Verification of water service line materials on Maple Street has been completed for all but one house. A total of 12 lead/galvanized water service line replacements are needed. See our Lead Service Line Replacements page for further details.
    • In the block between Main and Monroe, where new water main was installed, the copper water services have been connected to the new watermain. The one lead/galvanized service on this block remains connected to the old main and will be transferred to the new main when the lead/galvanized replacement occurs. The old watermain can then be abandoned.
  • Courtland Street: Retaining walls along the south side of Courtland Street have been completed. Unfortunately, a portion of the newly constructed sidewalk on the north side of Courtland Street has been found to be lower than necessary and, as such, would likely result in drainage problems. This will need to be corrected. Fortunately, the issue was discovered in a timely manner and the rework will not be at the City’s expense.
  • Lincoln Street: Pavement removal was completed at the beginning of this week. Water main installation between Courtland and Bridge Streets has begun.


Up Next:

  • Maple Street: All sanitary sewer work along Maple Street is planned for completion by the end of next week.
  • Courtland Street: Sidewalk and driveway approach installation along the south side of Courtland Street, as well as the sidewalk rework on the North side as noted above, is planned for Friday June 8.
  • Lincoln Street: Water main installation between Bridge Street and Courtland Street is planned for completion by the end of the week.


Traffic Changes:

  • Courtland Street: Courtland Street is to be reopened to traffic this weekend for the Start of Summer Celebration. The top course paving will still not be in place, so drivers should expect a bump in the road at the project limits.
  • Rockford Middle School Lincoln Street Driveway: The driveway entrance that connects to the middle school along Lincoln Street will be closed to all traffic starting Monday. To access the middle school, area residents may use the entrance off 10 Mile Road.


Lawn Care:

  • Residents are reminded to water their newly seeded lawn areas regularly. Watering is the homeowner’s responsibility and the new grass seed is unlikely to thrive without regular watering.
  • See the New Lawn Care guide for additional information.