Work completed this week:

Gabe’s Construction drilled the second pilot hole at the revised profile and alignment as per the progress meeting last week. They expect to complete the pilot hole by Monday.
They continued to fuse the Fusible PVC Force Main pipe, and anticipate completing the fusing by the end of this week.
They set up the mud pump and recycling system on the exit (Grand Haven) side of the directional drill.
West Michigan Dirtworks was not on site this week.
Anticipated work next week:

Gabe’s Construction anticipates beginning the reaming pass. The contractor will be pull reaming from the south side to the north side. It is likely to take 5 – 8 days to ream the hole.
Gabe’s Construction anticipates beginning to fuse the 4-inch PVC used for buoyancy when pulling the 16-inch FPVC pipe.
West Michigan Dirtworks: Update to the previous information is that materials will be delivered in mid-April but actual work on Exchange Street and closure of Exchange Street will not occur until Monday, May 13th.

Gabe’s Construction will be working extended hours and the weekend to keep the project on schedule.