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Construction of this project will begin next week, March 11. Primary focus for the first week will be mobilization of equipment, removal of the roadway of Edgewater between Thompson and Wilcox, and installation of a boring pit on Thompson at the alley between Walnut and Cherry Streets. The intersection of Thompson and Edgewater will be closed and access to the neighborhood will be from Waterworks Road for the foreseeable future.

Due to the high water table in this area, the contractor will be installing wells and pumps to temporarily lower the water table to allow installation of the piping. These will be running at all times of the day and night. Please be aware of these systems when you are in the area.

Residents living on Edgewater between Thompson and Wilcox will have access restored each night to their drives; however, access during the day may be limited at times due to the construction. Roadside parking on Wilcox will be available.