Progress Report:

  • Maple Street Water Main: The newly installed water main along Maple Street between Main and Monroe did not pass the standard pressure testing this week. This disappointing result may be an indication of a water leak to repaired but might also be a result of air pockets in the main. Further investigation and testing will continue until the new watermain successfully passes the required pressure test. This will delay further water system work between Main and Monroe Streets for now. In the meantime, work on other portions of the project continues.
  • Fremont St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary sewer main along Fremont Street has been installed. Sanitary sewer laterals remain to be completed.
  • Maple St. Sanitary Sewer: Sanitary Sewer along Maple Street going East from Fremont toward Lincoln has begun and will continue next week.
  • Courtland St. Storm Sewer: Installation of the storm sewer along Courtland St. has begun and is anticipated to be complete by next week.
  • Courtland St. Water System: The new water main on Courtland Street has passed all testing and disinfection procedures. Water services have been connected, including three lead service line replacements.


Lead Service Line Replacements:

See our new Lead Service Line Replacements page for additional information and status of ongoing lead removal efforts with this project.


Up Next:

  • Maple Street Sanitary Sewer: Installation of sanitary sewer main in Maple Street going East from Fremont toward Lincoln will continue next week. After completing sanitary sewer main in Maple Street, the plan is to begin installing new sanitary sewer laterals in this section of Maple Street.
  • Courtland Street: All underground utility work in Courtland Street is planned for completion by the end of next week. After underground utility work is complete, grading for sidewalk, retaining walls, and road base will begin.